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Gary & Kylene both grew up on farms.  Gary is a Fort Scott, KS native and second generation farmer and entrepreneur in business.  Gary’s parents have a farm and raised Beef and Sheep while Gary was growing up.  Kylene is from the Hume and Nevada, MO area originally, and her Dad had a small farm and raised pigs while she was young.  Together Gary & Kylene purchased a farmstead adjacent to Gary’s parents farm shortly after they married.  Freedom Farms is a constant work in progress and Gary and Kylene have been working diligently to upkeep both Palmer’s farms.  

Why did you pursue farming?

WE LOVE FOOD!!! We eat a lot with a family of six. With eating being one of the things we do most, just like many of you, our minds began to wonder about the nutritional value of the food we eat. After some research and thought, we decided to start raising and producing some of our own food. We have been raising our own cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens for several years to provide healthy, great tasting meat for our family. This way, we know exactly what is (and what is not) in our food. We take much comfort in knowing where our food comes from. We believe other people would too! We always strive for the healthy option for the animal and ourselves. We take great pride in giving our animals the best life possible. They are treated as part of our family. Our dream is to work as a family to share this with others. 

Anything new on the horizon?

After seeing and feeling the benefits of raising and producing our own food, we decided to share it with others. Our goal here at Freedom Farms is to provide quality food for you and your family as well. We may be starting from the ground-up, but we have quite big dreams. We have named our farm “Freedom Farms” for a reason. As a family, we dream of working and growing together in a greater way than our society generally exemplifies. We dream of freedom as a family and freedom as farmers. We dream of a time when neighbors were connected as well; when the small farmer provided for those around them. We dream of doing things differently! Change, in the way people view their food and honor in the way it is produced and shared. We would love to grow our farm to become a place for people to be involved and learn. We encourage consumers to know where their food comes from and offer opportunity to see that it is grown in a natural, sustainable way by visiting our farm. We dream of offering a vast variety of produce and meats in the future,  CSA programs, as well as connecting other small farmers that have amazing products. In order for us to farm responsibly and sustainably, we believe we have to start small, so that’s what we are doing! We are looking for a few dreamers like us that will join us in this venture and bring healthy sustainable food direct to the customer via our market. 

Our Mission:

1. Produce sustainable, healthy, quality food and provide responsibly raised products direct to consumers.
2. Empower the Producer.  There are many small producers that are looking for opportunity to get their products to consumers, but they simply don’t know how.  Freedom Farms Market provides opportunity to sell products direct to consumers.
3. Education and Agritourism.  We believe in teaching the next generation about quality food raised sustainably in order to protect the land and give the animals a comfortable environment.  We encourage farm tours to show others how safe, comfortable, and healthy our food system is and should be.

Join Our Team

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