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A holistic way to buy and sell local, healthy, sustainable food

Farm co-op and community dedicated to supporting local farmers and local families

Our goal is to provide direct to customer products so small farmers
and local consumers reap the benefits of a healthy harvest.



Be a part of a healthy farming cycle! Support small farmers and a healthy lifestyle by purchasing goods and products from local suppliers.


Join our community of vendors and sell your farm fresh products to customers who care about sustainability and healthy living.


Reach out for more information about our process, visit the farm, or get involved!


Creating Sustainability

We believe that sustainable farming and an opportunity to buy direct from the producer, promotes food security, healthy rural economies, and more nutritious, delicious food.

We are dedicated to

Through education, agri-tourism, outreach, and connection, we strive to create a platform that spreads good husbandry and farming practices, and lays the foundation for healthier food and a healthier future.

We are all about regenerative farming practices because it’s what’s best for people, animals, and the land. We hope to continue learning and pass these sustainable practices to our friends and family in the next generation.

We help small farmers and producers connect with hungry customers! Our unconventional co-op style farm allows consumers to shop for a wider variety of goods straight from farmers, and connects farmers with a larger group of customers.

Part of our mission is to allow visitors to the farm to learn, ask questions, and experience the culmination of all of our hard work!  To visit our our farm simply stop in during the Spring, Summer, or Fall after 4pm or weekends.  We are most often outside feeding, working or tending to the animals.  We would love to share with your more about regenerative agriculture.  Formal visits can be planned by simply emailing us or giving us a call.  We love groups to visit and learn!

We are always looking for new ways to expand and partner with the communities we serve. We are here to encourage good farming practices, and help farmers and consumers get the most out of the food cycle.

Become a Producer

We get it! You love to be outside working the land and caring for the livestock, but cringe at the process of marketing and selling your products to consumers. Let us do the leg work of marketing, labeling, packaging and distributing your quality products for you. Contact us if you are seeking a solution for your product sales in our market or on our online platform.
Greg Fess
I can't say enough about the quality of Freedom Farms Lamb offering! From the packaging to the flavor, there is care in every detail. To date our family has tried the kabob/stew meat, chops and now the burger. The fresh, mild flavor makes this an excellent choice for grilling on the flat top. A dash of salt and pepper and these burgers were a Saturday afternoon hit. From farm to table, I'd recommend Freedom Farms lamb to anyone looking for excellent quality at a fantastic price.
Greg Fess
Caring for the animals and people they serve is what keeps me coming back. Quality eggs that taste like sunshine is the bonus!
Bridget McGilbray
Nicole Goldston
We love the products from Freedom Farms. It’s hard to beat fresh eggs being delivered to your house. As good as the products are, the service is even better. I would highly recommend any of their items.
Nicole Goldston

Certified Commercial Kitchen Coming Soon!

Freedom Farms mission is to empower the producer, educate the consumer, and foster sustainable agriculture. A certified commercial kitchen creates opportunities for producers products to be packaged for retail sale and convert farm fresh ingredients into nutritious prepared foods while following food safety guidelines. Our commercial kitchen design also provides enough space to inform and educate students and consumers how to safely handle food, proper food preparation, learn culinary skills, and finally, enjoy farm to table cuisine. This exciting addition is still in the funding phase. If you would like to donate or become a part of Freedom Farms certified kitchen, please contact us directly at or 620-719-9909.
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